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Well Supported

We provide professional around-the-clock support for QPython API and Embed QPython SDK.

QPython Development Kit


Yes, it's a standard Python console. You can communicate with the interpreter directly.

My QPython

You can find some sample scripts and projects here.

Package Index

QPyPI index page keeps a list of packages you can install.


QPython's editor is fully integrated with the rest of the SDK. You can edit & run your code without leaving the SDK.


System maintains your QPython's libraries. You can install / uninstall them from here.


If you have a question, feel free to ask in the community forums. It is monitored by our staff 24/7.


You can get full QPython development support from our documentation, wiki and community page.

QRCode Creator

Create your own QPython script through QRCode and read it with QPython's QRCode reader.
  • Great way to pocket program! Works great if you would like to always have a programming language right in your pocket. Write scripts anywhere!
    Jordan Stadler
  • Simply Amazing! I can't believe this exists and I'm more amazed with what I can do with it! I can practically parse data I check daily in two clicks vs. Opening and typing in Chrome with DroidToast and Soup! I love python package names haha
    Michael Cohee
  • It's not just python, it's Python Arsenal Django,Web,kivy,bottlepy,... exceeds my expectations :D
    Chirag jain